The University deeply values its relationship with its surrounding community and strives to be the best neighbor possible. The Office of Government and Community Relations is proud to serve as a liaison between the University and neighborhood associations, the business community and the community-at-large.

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University & Community

Learn more about the many ways that the University interfaces with and impacts the community and region.

Community Benefit Report (PDF)

The University’s community impact is felt through a multitude of programs and services that benefit Rochester residents and the surrounding region.

Did You Know?  (PDF)

Learn about the University’s extensive community benefit at a glance.

Economic Benefit Report (PDF)

The University of Rochester has a significant influence on many aspects of the region’s economy. In the economy of the 21st century, it has become vital to the region’s success. The economic impact is measured by four main components: the University, the employees, the students, and the visitors.

Understanding the University’s Economic Impact

The University is more than an institution of higher education; it’s an economic engine for the entire nine-county region and beyond.

Home Ownership Program

The University is proud to partner with the City of Rochester on its Home Ownership Incentive Program, which offers up to $9,000 toward the purchase of a home. First-time homebuyers also can apply for a federal tax credit of up to $8,000 for a principal residence if they have a binding sales contract in place on or before April 30. And learn more about the program in this article.

Computer Donations

The Office of Government and Community Relations partnered with University IT to develop this helpful resource.

Center For Community Health & Prevention

The Center for Community Health was established by the University of Rochester Medical Center to develop and expand academic-community health partnerships to reduce health disparities and improve the overall health of our community. Over the decades the Medical Center has made many meaningful and effective interventions toward achieving this goal. Today, community health is formally recognized as the fourth mission of the medical center, alongside research, education and patient care.

Students In The Community

Learn more about the University’s efforts to engage its student population in our community, and all of the ways that our students proudly contribute to building stronger neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Associations

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